Annual Fund Drive

As you know 2020 has been a rough year in many aspects. The residents of Evergreen have been negatively impacted by this pandemic in several ways. Life enhancement is one of those areas hit the hardest. At Evergreen, we pride ourselves in being resident-centered. Enforcing the mandate that residents stay in their apartments and not allowing visitors has emotionally and mentally devastated the residents and their family members. The Evergreen team has been hard at work coming up with creative ways to provide enjoyable, uplifting, and stimulating activities. These must be done while promoting social distancing and mask wearing. The cost of providing these activities has been higher than in the past. Because of this, we are hoping to raise $4,000 to fund our mission of being resident-centered and promoting life enhancement for all residents. These funds will be used for individualized activities such as painting, crossword puzzles, journals, large-print books, Happy Hour, ice cream truck deliveries, and many more.

$500 buys takeout from a local restaurant for one neighborhood, $250 buys ice cream bars and other novelties for the community, $100 buys a neighborhood block party, $30 buys a flower arrangement delivered to a resident, $15 buys an item for the Bingo shop.

Your donation will brighten the day of an Evergreen resident.