Be a part of the ECOJC family:

staff photoWe are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving our residents with the highest level of care no matter their financial means. We believe that all residents deserve the best possible care and services to enhance their quality of life. Our philosophy is person-directed care, meaning the residents have the right to make choices and decisions in their daily lives.

We are also dedicated to our employees. To provide consistent care, you must have consistent employees. We operate with one of the highest staffing ratios in Johnson County, thus promoting longevity of staff and low turnover.

What we expect from you, our potential employees; is that you always put the residents’ needs first honoring them with dignity and respect. In the same way, we strive to respect our employees with competitive wages, excellent benefits, and innovative schedules.

Our shifts have been designed to promote continuity of care for our residents and allow our staff to enjoy ample time outside of work.

Advantages of Our Shifts:

  • Monday – Thursday:
    • 3 days off
  • Friday – Sunday:
    • Only work 3 days = Full-time pay
    • Great for students
    • Great for stay-at-home moms/dads!
    • Balanced & consistent!