KC Elder Law Free Workshop - January 28, 2020


How to get Medicaid coverage for our assisted living or nursing home care ... without selling your home or leaving your fmaily without a dime!

Olathe, KS - One of the biggest fears that many people have today is the fear of having their life savings wiped out if they end up in a nursing home. What a shame to see someone's life savings of 30, 40, or 50 years wiped out in a matter of months. Whether you or a family member is in a crisis or not, it is important that you understand what you can do to protect your hard-earned assets! Most of the public does not yet realize that the laws on asset protection and long-term care planning have changed. It is extremely important that you know about these changes and how they may affect your long-term care planning! A brand new, free informational workshop hosted by local Elder Law Attorney, William G. Hammond with KC Elder Law, will be held:

Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 6pm - 7pm

  • Evergreen Community of Johnson County
  • 11875 S. Sunset Dr., #100
  • Olathe, KS  66061

At this meeting, here is some of what you will discover:

  • How to avoid having your life savings wiped out by a nursing home spenddown.
  • How the new law restricts protection of assets and the steps you should take now to protect your loved ones.
  • The asset protection language that most people don't have in their power of attorney documents, which can help protect their life's savings.
  • Veteran's benefits that most people know nothing about.
  • How Medicaid works and the steps you need to take now to protect your family under the new rules.
  • How to find the right Senior Care Community and what to expect in the process.
  • How to get good care at a Senior Care Community.
  • Senior Care options for independence; planning for today and the future.

Attendance at this brand new meeting is free, but seating is limited. You can reserve your spot by calling 913-338-5713. This meeting will fill up quickly, so call right away. 

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