About Us

about ELIThe vision of Evergreen Living Innovations, Inc. is to enhance life's journey for those in our community.

ELI, Inc. consists of three operating divisions: Evergreen Community of Johnson CountyGERTI, an education and development division, and Evergreen Hospice Care

Our mission is to provide the best quality person centered care to individuals regardless of payment source. Evergreen Living Innovations, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) whose roots began in 1863 in Johnson County, Kansas. In 2003, the county privatized the operation and Johnson County Nursing Center became a separate independent 501(c)(3) with a mission to provide the best quality person centered care to those with minimal financial resources (70% of residents are on Medicaid).  In 2009, the organization changed its name to Evergreen Living Innovations, Inc. 

There are now three divisions of Evergreen Living Innovations - the skilled nursing community, named Evergreen Community of Johnson CountyGERTI, and Evergreen Hospice Care.  The Evergreen Community of Johnson County (ECOJC) is a skilled nursing community of 112. GERTI, the educational division, was created in 2003. GERTI’s mission is to help organizations transform their institutional culture and task/time oriented operations into a home free and low-cost education to the long-term care and senior living workforce.

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